14.11.2009      Hunt on pheasant, Vlastiboų














Dixi in action...








Dixi with pheasant



And others...


Nikola and Chuck







12.9.2009    Hunt on ducks

I was with my Dixi on duck hunt. It was second time in my life. I was guest of my cousin in law- Martin and his father. I thanks them very much for this special occasion for me. Hunt was in neighbour of village Vydųķ - south Bohemia. We got up very early and it was har for me :o).

Hunt began at 9 o“clock. There were 90 hunters with 10 dogs. Plan of hunting was long. I thought all dogs will be tired in the afternoon- mainly Dixi. I was right :o)

Dixi enjoy all hunt...she was running and swimming and barking all the time. She was very fine and bringing to me many ducks. I think she was proud to herself..I was very proud too!

In the afernoon everybody was absolutly tired and hunt finished. Togother all hunters have 230 ducks. It was super experience again! Im looking forward next hunt with my lovly dog.

I have lot of pictures so I hope you will like them





Hunters next ponds







Dixi running, running, running as crazy girl.






..good girl!



Dixi swim for duck on pond.



Now she can“t decision who of this two ducks she will bring.



Duck dont have chance...












Dixi was bodyguard of dicks :o)






Lunch break



We are very tired



Roe-deer swimming in the pond









Me with cousin in low













January 2009 - Hunt on wild-boar