on walks in Krcsky wood with Nikola, Chuck and Fanny.



Our little big Fanny













Education Chuck - I no-endure and start Chuck consecrate, that he have to obey.






Girls and Fanny watch roe




Holiday in Croatia... parade. Finally shine and heat. And sea..... Girls used lashings waters. Dixi, our water crazy, was lucky. So many waters and unlimited swimming, it was her dream... it was her dream... And Agatha liked too.


First day - girls promptly fly in to the waters.








Landlady she should have three caths, that have was possibly let go vent, so have to "murderess" innocent caths stay at automobiles.



Night grilled. Dixi demand grilled chicken leg, using possible and impossible, but of no effect...



She must quiet with beer.


Finally is tired...



Girls and Fanny rage in sea...















Some few posing photo.









Neurotic Dixi ... throw it me, throw it me, quickly!!! !


And hip hurrah to the waters...







And final romance.




Ours wedding... -:)))))







And I am Mrs. Schreibova...




Few "artistic" photo from weekend on cottages...





In waters...






Dixi not endure...




Dixi has second birthday !!!!!





Weekend bathing on cottages. Luznice be like nice cup of coffee, so that I bath so. A was it wonderful...



Ours jumper Aga.




Dixi jumps for sticks.









Easter on cottages.




Girls and bobwhite quail.






Trip with retrivers





















Training retrieve - Chuck and Dixi.







Spring walk with Chuck.








On walks with Marcela and her boys. Marcela bring pheasant!!!!!








After work deserve good prize all . Marcela feed predatory animals.


Collective spring photo.




At last snow!!! Walks with Chuckem and his missis Nikola was more cheerful.

























Started us New Year in new home.



Girlie and our new friend Chuck.