At the weekend we had small baby meeting in Stromovka. Girls from Klamar Garden, Gary z Jindřichovských luk and Aga with Dixi. She go with us and Míša with pack, but Eny gone something with footpad, so that they have to go home.

A here's some few photo...

Dixi and Gary



Agata and Azalka, girls from Klamar Garden










They are delightful...




This weekend we had mini springr meeting in Hostivař. Attendance: Azalea, Robin, Peta, Agathka and Dixi.








Attempt to pair collective photo. Indeed any glory...


Aga be at home very tired, so that she must eat in sat.


Most beautiful and best moment. Girls sleep...





In November we were on a excursion near mine sister in Beskydy. There was nobly... Girls fun the fresh air, but largely.... SNOW!!!!  Dixi seen snow for the first time in life and very liked her.






Snow Queens










On walks to the Stromovka.







S Nora in the field in Hostivari.












Autumn artistic photos from Kavci mountains.






Walk in Hostivar - on pheasant.




Girls on hunt







This year perhaps last on cottages.







Autumn beauty...




Photos from weekend on cottages.















You want kiss???


























Gary and Dixi


















On walks




Much good flower-pot, only in him isn't nothing good...






Back from holidays. Week with girl was perfect... Walks after wood, after green field, to the pub on beer, on football... I think, that week with us girls like. Also we are was with Dixinkou on operation, she should have exomphalos. Dixi is ours mivvy!




Dixinka after operation.



Our small gardener.




Beautiful moment... girls sleep

















My favourite palm.


Dixi with of his first buffalo dice.



Dixi first on Kavci mountains.







Dixi in new home





Dixi teach from Agatha quickly...









Aga learn sadly jump to the waters...
















DIXI - 6 weeks. 







First visit to DIXI. She's wonderful.







Bathing in sand-pit






11.6.2005 she was born ours DIXI. Here they are first photos - 4 days.







On July we are go on holiday to the Croatia and Aga go with us. Was it perfect and the week us much liked.
























This way Aga rampage all week











On a trip in Rovinji









Ice cream





Aga barks






It's coziness...





Aga & medusa






Aga & hedgehog






Little romance in conclusion












Aga and Indy




















On April we are go on visitors to cousin on farm to the Czech paradise. Too we are were on a trip on castle Trosky.




Collective photo.




Ours everyday walk on Kavci mountain.









A again on cottages.



Love on first look...



Marek, Asta and Aga


Our guard






After long waiting come to spring, so that we are start on cottages.

Agatha find much new friend here...












First snow

















Agatha with our best friend bull terrier Indy




Big fatigue